Wednesday, August 24, 2016

As we begin with the mission study themes for this coming year, we must explore their complexity and our roles and connections to them.  Consider what it means to be "Living as a Covenant Community". What are the major covenants throughout the Bible and what do they reveal about God's character & love for us? And how are these covenants woven throughout the fabric of our United Methodist Church, including the Missionary Conferences? 
We are one of the Missionary Conference that will be discussed this year! What do we know about being a Missionary Conference? What can we teach others, what can we learn from others?
You are invited to attend one of our regional Mission u events to explore these questions with us!


Living as a Covenant Community: Spiritual Growth

 By Evy McDonald
 Participant's Guide By elmira Nazombe
Linda Haynes-Study Leader

This study examines major covenants throughout the Bible and what they reveal about God’s character and eternal love for us. It will enhance your understanding of how God works with us, in us, and through us. 

Missionary Conferences of The United Methodist Church

 in the United States 

Study guide by J. Ann Craig with special contributions by Deborah Bass.
Leaders guide by Judith Pierre-Okerson.
Fran Lynch-Study Leader

The aim of the study is to give an overview of the three missionary conferences in The United Methodist Church, the contexts out of which they grew and their current engagements: The Alaska United Methodist Conference, Red Bird Missionary Conference, and the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference are a hybrid of home and international missionary work. 

What does the future look like for these conferences? Broad-ranging conversations are taking place around this question. The General Board of Global Ministries and the missionary conferences are exploring best operational and structural options for maximizing mission and ministry going forward in these unique locations. These dialogues, different in each case, have begun and will take place across the 2017– 2020 quadrennium. The objective is mutuality in mission partnership and collaboration, which provides the heartbeat of all productive mission within the United Methodist connection.